Do I need Planning Permission for External Insulation ?

In the vast majority of cases you only need to serve the Council’s Building Control with a Building Notice under Building Regs. The only time you will need Planning Permission is if your home is either listed or you are in a conservation area.

Why do I need Building Regs Approval ?

Under the Building Regs Part L1B 2010 you cannot replace or add a wall covering – apart from paint – to any solid wall without incorporating insulation to save energy and reduce heating costs . This applies to any internal wall renovation or external rendering of the wall and covers things like replacing or adding render,plaster or cladding and applies if you are working on at least 50% of an individual wall’s surface area. Mistakenly some people assume it has to be 50% of the whole house before you need to insulate but it is 50% of each individual wall.

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The process is to send in a simple Building Notice – available on line or from the Council – at least a week before work starts to inform the Building Inspector you are having work carried out and for them to come out to your property to inspect the work to make sure it complies with the Regulations.

What happens if I do not file a Building Notice and do not include insulation when renovating my walls ?

Both you and the builder will be in contravention of the law and you run the risk of being served with an Enforcement Notice whereby you will have to then have the new work removed and the correct system fitted with insulation included . Failure to comply can then lead to a financial penalty in addition to having to pay again for the work to be done.

How can I trust the Builder to do a proper job ?

When it comes to External Wall Insulation systems there are very strict procedures in place to ensure the homeowner is protected against poor workmanship and poor materials. The Building Regs and the Inspector from Building Control will ensure the system being fitted has been independantly tested and accredited as fit for purpose and that the contractor is qualified to install the system .

Any builder or contractor that fails to mention Building Regs or to steer you away from them should be avoided at all costs. Similarly we would always recommend you check which system the builder is recommending and that he is accredited to fit that system.

How effective is solid wall insulation on an exterior wall ?

An external thermal insulation system is by far the most effective way of insulating a wall and performs better than cavity wall insulation . Whilst thicknesses can vary along with different insulation materials a typical result is a 75% minimum reduction in heat loss through the walls which is measured in terms of a wall’s insulation U value.

What does U value mean ?

U value is a measurement given to the thermal insulation qualities of a wall with the lower the figure the better . As a guide a new well insulated home will have a U value of around 0.25 and a solid wall home will generally be around 2.05 to 2.10 !!

The Building Regs state that if the walls are worse than 0.7 in U value you have to fit insulation if adding or replacing a layer to an external wall . The target to try and hit is 0.3 but they will accept a higher figure if 0.3 is not achievable due to the property features etc. An average installation would be around 0.4 U value which still represents an improvement of over 80% in thermal efficiency of the wall.

U Value Improvements

Under the Building Regs Part L1B any new house being built or any existing house having work done on outside walls has to meet certain thermal efficiency standards.These standards are to ensure our homes are nice and warm in winter whilst also being energy efficient and cutting both carbon emissions and energy use.

Expressed in numerical terms the U value measures the ability of a material to retain heat and the speed at which it allows heat to pass through it. The target for a new home is 0.25 U value and for an existing home undergoing renovations to a wall it is 0.3 if possible but no worse than 0.7.

Solid Wall U Value

Most of the UK’s solid wall homes are constructed of two brick courses deep totalling 9 inch thick and have an average U value of 2.05 to 2.1 ie the new standards achieve around an 80% increase in thermal performance of the wall.

The Energy Saving Trust estimate an average 3 bed semi could save around £400 per year in heating bills if they took the correct insulation measures.

What savings can I expect to make in reduced heating costs from thermal cladding ?

Whilst every homeowner uses heating in a different way at varying levels the respected Energy Saving Trust calculate that a typical 3 bed semi will use around £380 less in heating costs if a solid wall home has external insulation cladding fitted to the correct standards.

Are there any Government Grants available ?

Unfortunately there are no Government grants either now or in the distant future according to the Government’s own Greener Homes Report. However the Government do only charge 5% vat so in effect give a 12.5% subsidy through the taxation system and they have instructed the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors to give a higher value to homes with substantial energy saving measures such as external wall insulation. Whilst RICS are still formulating the new valuation models it is though that a premium of around 5% to 6% will apply ie an increase in value of around £8000 to £10,000 on the average property price of £160,000.

What is the payback period for external insulation ?

The marginal cost of fitting an insulated external system as explained above would be returned in around 3 to 5 years depending upon your heating patterns . As an example the Energy Saving Trust say a typical 3 bed semi has 75m2 of wall area and will save around £350 per annum and so based on £15 extra per m2 the £1125 cost of insulation will be recouped in around 3 to 4 winters.
Do not forget that in addition to the heating bills coming down there is no ongoing outside maintenance and your home will increae in value over an uninsulated like property in the same area.

External Wall Insulations can explain to you in simple terms what it needs to be done to get your home warm and energy efficient. We are just a call away.

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