Exterior Wall Insulation

What are the main benefits of external wall insulation?

Exterior insulation of your walls means:

* Stop condensation damp and mould
* Reduce heating bills during the winter
* Provide a more environmental friendly temperature into your home
* Reduce carbon foot print of your house.
* Increase house value
* Newly built look for your property

External wall insulation - a good choice for solid and cavity walls.

* Can be applied without disruption to the household and does not reduce the floor area of your home.
* Renews the appearance of ageing outer walls. Planning permission may be required so check with your local council before undertaking any work.
* Fills cracks and gaps in the brickwork, which will reduce draughts.
* Increases the lifetime of a home’s wall by protecting the brickwork.
* Reduces condensation on internal walls and can help prevent damp, although it will not solve rising or penetration damp which must be resolved prior to insulating the walls
* Is ideally installed at the same time as other refurbishment work to outer walls as this will save you a lot of money.
* Requires good access to the outer walls so that the installers can apply the insulation
Not recommended if the outer walls are structurally unsound and can not be repaired

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The External Walls Insulation Process


Only the highest quality insulation boards are fitted using a special adhesive. This resin based adhesive is very powerful and is buttered onto the rear of the insulation board before being laid onto the wall in bonded brick pattern. The boards are then further secured by being mechanically drilled and pinned to the wall and at the base of the wall the boards sit in a stainless steel or aluminium base rail set at the height of the damp proof course.

Once the thermal cladding boards are in place a first base layer of a specialist polymer bonding render is trowelled onto the boards and nylon meshed in readiness for the decorative and weather proofing final coat. This forms an incredibly strong bond with the external wall insulation board but also has the ability to flex and breathe so as not to trap moisture in the walls or in the outside insulation itself.

The final weather proof and decorative render is then trowelled on to give a beautiful lightly textured finish . The renders we use on exterior insulation panels are made of a complex chemical structure which allows them to flex with the thermal movement of a property without cracking and to need no decorating maintenance for at least 20 years.
The finished look can also include newly extended window cills and repositioned down pipes as a consequence of the extra depth created by the solid wall insulation board system.

We can explain to you in simple terms what it needs to be done to get your home warm and energy efficient. We are just a call away.

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